Building Bridges

Workplace Pride Foundation’s 2017 International Conference in Brussels will bring together organizations representing employers, employees, governments and civil society. This year, the Foundation will work closely with ILGA Europe to highlight both the challenges and the opportunities for employers, governments, civil society and the LGBTI community when speaking about the human rights dimension of LGBTI inclusion in the workplace.

With the theme “Building Bridges: LGBTI Workplace Inclusion and Human Rights”, the conference will focus on the important relationship between modern workplaces and their increasingly scrutinized role in society.  Together, we will examine how employers can make real change in their operations by focusing on this angle and how other, sometime unexpected stakeholders can help employers understand what is truly at stake. As in every Workplace Pride event, theory and policy will be intimately combined with real-life practical examples, interactive sessions and un-matched networking opportunities for LGBT workplace inclusion, both in Europe and around the world.



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